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Would you, or someone you know, benefit from the joy of regular conversations with a friendly and reliable, volunteer befriender?


Your befriender typically visits you at home, usually about once a week.


Sometimes they could be in contact on the phone, or virtually via a computer if that suits both parties.

"I really look forward to my befriender's visit, it brightens up my week."


Call 01727 830713 to start your befriending journey

Contact us

Call us between 9am and 1pm any day of the year to start your befriending journey. We will ask for some basic details to help find the right friend for you.

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Finding a befriender

Following their home visit, our befriending coordinator will take the time to carefully find a befriender for you and will look for a volunteer who shares similar interests to yours.


Home visit

Our befriending coordinator will arrange to visit you at home. They will find out more about you, including your hobbies and interests so that a good match can be found.

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“Social contact brings relief into a lonely life. Indeed it does, and it is a two-way street."

Making an introduction

If a suitable volunteer is available, our befriending coordinator will contact you to arrange an introductory meeting with your new befriender.

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Regular befriending

If all parties are happy after this initial meeting, we will arrange for you to have regular visits or conversations with your volunteer befriender.


Peace of mind

In addition to an interview and two references, all of our befriending volunteers are required to have an enhanced DBS certificate.


Please note


If you are contacting us on behalf of a lonely or isolated person, who you think would benefit from conversations with a befriender, it is essential that they are keen to have a befriender too - so do check with them first.

All our volunteers are required to have an enhanced DBS

See our Privacy Notice​ for details of how we store your information securely.

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