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Practical help

Do you need help with a small job in the home or garden?


You can call us between 9am and 1pm any day of the year.  You will be asked for your name, address, a contact number and what task needs doing.  We can also be contacted by email.


Please try to provide us with as much detail as possible.

"I'm so grateful to Good Neighbours for replacing my kitchen lightbulb; too small a job for my electrician to do!"

Varnishing the Deck

What sort of jobs can we help with?

Changing lightbulbs

Lighting Design Consultation

Putting up curtains


Occasional gardening help


“I asked to have my net curtains taken down, which they did, I washed and dried them and then someone came back to put them back up – thank you Good Neighbours.”

Fixing minor household issues


Taking items to a charity shop

Box Delivery

Moving furniture

Embroidered Yellow Chair

Please note


There is no 'charge' for practical help, however a donation to the charity will be gratefully received.

Our volunteers are required to have a DBS check.

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