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Living with Covid


Whilst we navigate through uncertain times, please can all volunteers continue to act with “mutual consent and respect” when in contact with clients. This means checking and agreeing with your client about mitigations you or they might require, such as face masks, ventilation, social distancing etc. If you’ve got any concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to your Section Leader or me.

Previous Guidance: Covid Precautions for the Winter months, November 2021

Stricter Measures
As we head into the Winter with Covid cases persistently high, and with the recent emergence of a variant of concern, please can everyone pay fresh attention to the need to take sensible precautions against spreading infection, so we can keep volunteers and clients as safe as possible.
Please always check that you and your client are both symptom free, and that you haven't recently been in close contact with someone with Covid. 

When you're indoors with your client and/or others:

  • wear a face covering, especially in crowded places such as shops, unless you are exempt 

  • avoid close contact where possible, minimising proximity and duration

  • let fresh air in

When you're travelling in a car with your client:

  • wear a face covering, unless you are exempt

  • lower the windows

  • sit with your client diagonally behind you where possible

  • don’t accompany your client into their appointment, unless it is essential they have your help, and you are happy to do so


Please could drivers let a Duty Officer know if they will be declining jobs where the client won’t be wearing a face covering.

As a general rule, we advise you to discuss appropriate precautions with your client before you have face to face contact with them. If this raises any concerns, or if you have any additional questions about Covid mitigations that aren’t mentioned in this guidance, please don't hesitate to contact me or your Section Leader.

We will continue to review and update this advice if any new information or guidance becomes available. In the meantime thank you very much for all your efforts to keep everyone safe.



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